Our History

Bodegas Santa Cruz de Alpera was founded in 1947 by 25 winegrowers from the village of Alpera, with the aim of defending the viability of their vineyards and winegrowing operations. It was during these years that our winery began its journey in winemaking which leads us to the present day, where our wines are found and consumed in more than 50 countries around the world.

After more than 70 years of experience in winemaking and with modern vineyards and winery facilities adapted to new technologies, we face new challenges and future options that the market presents us with our wines.

grape garnacha tintorera
winery gerneral presentation

The progress and development of our winery has always been faithful to its initial idea, which is none other than that of a cooperative identity.

Our winery offers wines and products with a singular characteristic that is the one that gives us our unique grape variety: Garnacha Tintorera. From our winery, we keep the productive control of more than 3000 cultivated hectares, of which more than 1000 hectares are cultivated under the certification of organic vineyard, from which our own winery satisfies markets in several countries.