Carbonic Maceration

The “Carbonic Maceration” red wines are made from whole grapes previously selected in the field and on which the phenolic maturation controls have been carried out. The bunches remain in maceration at a temperature between 24 and 28 ºC, during seven days producing the intracellular degradation of part of the malic acid. The must is then extracted, reflecting the characteristics of the production process. Finally, the alcoholic fermentation takes place at low temperature and the malic acid is totally degraded, thus obtaining a very aromatic and smooth wine in the mouth that must be consumed young, while preserving all its organoleptic qualities.

carbonic maceration wines
aging wines


The elaboration of the “Crianza” wines makes them different and spectacular due to the good assembly in the oxidation-reduction process, developing an original and little known bouquet. We select our best vineyards of dry red Grenache, planted on a free-standing basis for more than 40 years, harvesting the selected grapes by hand and transporting them in boxes at their optimum moment of ripeness. The process of maceration and alcoholic fermentation takes place with a novel process without the use of pumping over pumps and only working with gases, air, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, to take maximum care of the grape skins. Part of the wine obtained will do the malolactic fermentation in barrels. The ageing process takes place during a minimum of four months for the oak trees and twelve for the ageing process. Some of our aged wines carry a small part of Syrah or Monastrell to increase their complexity.

White Wines

As far as the production of white wines is concerned, thanks to the good climatic conditions for the development of the Verdejo variety, we are increasingly successful with our white wines, which are made with a strict selection of vineyards and then processed in a very reductive process, starting with the night harvest. We work in the absence of oxygen and at very low temperatures to obtain very fresh and fruity wines.

White Wines

Partly fermented Mosto

Through the production of partially fermented musts, aimed at a younger public, the winery has created a line of white and rosé partially fermented musts. Their main characteristics refer to the fact that they are easy to drink, fruity, fun and with a low alcohol content.