Unique production area

A unique production area, our Bodega Santa Cruz de Alpera has been part of the Almansa Denomination of Origin since its origins, located on the eastern fringe of the province of Albacete.

With an altitude of more than 700 meters above sea level, where our vineyards create a different production area and with our grape variety “Garnacha Tintorera as the main sign of identity”. In this way, Bodega Santa Cruz de Alpera is one of the main enclaves of this Denomination of Origin which covers more than 7000 hectares of vineyards, another 11 wineries and 8 municipalities, among which is the town of Alpera.

Denomination of Origin Almansa

Land of Wines

Unsurpassed wine quality

The quality of the wines is unbeatable, all our wines are adapted to strict quality standards set by the Almansa Designation of Origin.

Thanks to all these standards followed to the millimetre by the team of professionals who work at Bodega Santa Cruz de Alpera, we can achieve excellent white, red and rosé wines, and always with the seal of quality given to us by our Denomination of Origin Almansa.