12,90 I.V.A. Incluído

Made from our unique local grape “Garnacha Tintorera” (100%). The vinifiation was made separately, in the traditional way with the destemmed of the grape in vertical rotating tanks. The fermentation temperature was close 32ºC and the grape skins and the grape must were in contact for 16 days.

The malolactic fermentation was made in new French oak casks of 500 liters. The wine is aged in the oak a minimum of 14 months to finish the process with a light clarification and stabilization by cold. Permanence in bottle more than 22 months. We select the vineyards for this wine depending on its age (from 40 years), low yield, and ealth. Also, all the details are cared from the budbreak to the harvest. The harvest is made by hand and the grapes are collected in cases of 100 kg with an strict quality control before the entrance at the winery.

Ideal to accompany beef, game and strong cured cheeses. We recommend drinking this wine within 7 years after its elaboration.Its ideal serving temperature is 16-18ºC.

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