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Santa Cruz de Alpera, belongs to the Appellation of Origin Almansa
It is situated to 100 km. of Alicante and to the East of the Appellation of Origin La Mancha.
We have a long tradition in the production of red wines with many years of experience. The average yield ranges from 17 to 23 million kg of grapes, which represents a very high percentage of the total annual production of the A.O.
Our main goal is to improve the quality from the vineyard, processing and breeding, to bottling which can reach the new trends of the national and international markets.
We have the newest technology for the production and aging of wines. In the 2014 vintage introduced significant improvements in the process of aging in barrels by acquiring a sorting table and a destemmer helps to process the grapes preserving the quality in the early stages of the process. However, the major change has been the use of gases in the extraction and fermentation of the grape by using Pulsair. This device injects air or other gases such as CO2 or nitrogen, which allows a better management of the skins and grapes. Without the use of pumps, the result has been awesome as we got softer and less astringent wines with an increase of the fruitiness due to the improved viability of the yeasts.

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