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Garnacha Tintorera


The main grape variety of our winery is the “Garnacha Tintorera”. It is native of our area and its name comes from its colored pulp and by having deeper color intensity than other varieties around the world.
It was created by a crossbreed; the main grape in the French “Midi”, the “aramon”, was very resistant to droughts, but the wines made from this grape did not have color or alcoholic degree. Louis Bouschet, a vines technician of the area, decided to crossbreed the” aramon” with a minor variety grape, the “teinturier du Cher”, thus he created the variety “Petit Bouschet”.
The Petit Bouschet had color but the wines quality was not good.
Louis son, Henri Bouschet, got the key in 1866 by crossbreeding the Petit Bouschet and the powerful Garnacha, which was very commonly known as “Alicante” due to its Spanish origin. Thus, the “Alicante Bouschet” or “Garnacha Tintorera” was created.
Afterwards it was introduced at the end of the 1800s by French merchants in the Alicante area, due to the attack of phylloxera. It is an extraordinary resistant grape variety to diseases as it was part of the aim of its creation.
The vast extension of vineyards allows us to select the best grapes year after year to keep constant the genuineness and quality of our wines.
From the hand-selected grapes from vines which are older than 40 years we get our best wines.
The Syrah variety is very well adapted to our environment and completes and complements our red and rosé wines.
Finally, a pleasant surprise was the discovery that the Verdejo grapes have been well adapted to our soil and thanks to the high altitude of our vineyards (over 900 meters), we prepare fresh and fruity white wines with a very strong tropical nature.

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