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The winery has an organization led by a governing board who takes the major decisions and three different departments; technical and warehouse staff, finances and management department, and the sales team.

Governing Board

Its main duty is to manage all daily operations of the winery, mainly wine sales and investments.

Technical staff and warehouse staff

The technical staff is made up of a vineyard farming specialist and a winemaker.
The vineyard farming specialist manages and advises on all the processes for growing grapes to achieve the best results. The cultural practices are very important as pruning, vineyard protection, irrigation and fertilization plans, selection of vineyards and finally the management of the harvest.
The advice for compliance with organic farming certification is a very important part in the whole process
The philosophy of the field technician is agreed with the winemaker and the aim is to achieve the best vineyards health combined with a limited production to get quality grapes, a cornerstone in the development of quality wines.
The winemaker runs the logistics working closely in the harvest with the field technician. Besides, he takes part in promoting the wines too.
He graduated in chemistry and then he got the wine knowledge at the University of La Rioja. He has also made wines in different wine regions of Spain and recently he travelled to New Zealand to work and learn some new techniques used in the so-called new world wine. He strongly believes in the quality of the raw material as an essential part in the development of quality wines.
Since 2007 our winemaker and our field technician manage the production of the winery, considering the “Garnacha Tintorera” as distinctive variety of the rest of the Spanish wine map.
The rest of the winery team enables that the philosophy and thinking of technical staff become possible and thanks to their efforts our wines improve year after year.
Our experienced professionals transmit the importance of the everyday work.

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Equipo Administración y Gerencia

Finances Department

They solve the important work in the documentary, economic and commercial area of the winery. Their work is to guide successfully all the economic operations.
Their work is also essential in the sale and removal of wine, plus an effective management of the finances with our suppliers which are at the end our vine growers, our associates.
They are in continuous contact with them and they try to solve all their daily problems.

Sales Team

The sale of bulk wine remains as our core business. Our bulk wine is considered as an improver, that is a small percentage of our wines is intended to improve other wines.
Our production is destined to foreign trade, today our bulk wine is sold in countries as Italy, France, Angola or Portugal.
Our sales team is also focused on foreign trade and our bottled wines are known in European markets (Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Italy and Denmark), Asia (China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan) and America (USA and Brazil). Our project focuses on ongoing business activities in countries such as main target the US, Germany, Japan and China.
It is very important to have representation in some target markets, so we already have commercial assistance in Japan and China.

Equipo ComercialEquipo Comercial

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