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Santa Cruz de Alpera

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Rupestre de Alpera

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Cueva del Chaman

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Sangría La Camaleona

Enjoy wines in Spain

The wines are unique in Spain, the vinification, bottling and selling varietal wines from Garnacha shark, using different processing techniques.Carbonic maceration reds are made from whole grapes previously selected field to which they have undergone the controls of phenolic ripeness. Maceration clusters remain at a temperature between 24 and 28 ° C for seven days produced intracellular degradation of the malic acid. Then juice extraction, which reflects its own characteristics making process proceeds. Finally alcoholic fermentation at low temperature and total malic acid degradation takes place, thus obtaining a very aromatic wine, soft mouth that should be consumed young, while preserving all its organoleptic qualities.

Development of upbringings, different and spectacular in the right assembly in the redox process, developing an original bouquet and little known.
We select our best vineyards grenache shark in rainfed rootstock planted over 40 years ago, vendimiándose selected by hand and transported in boxes at their optimum maturity grapes. The process of maceration and fermentation takes place with a novel process without the use of pumps and pumping over only working with gases, air, carbon and nitrogen, to care for the most of the skins of the grapes. Part of the wine obtained will malolactic fermentation in barrels. The wine is aged for a minimum of four months and twelve oaks for upbringings. Some of our aged wines carry a small part of Syrah to increase the complexity of these.
Development of whites, thanks to good weather conditions for the development of Verdejo, increasingly are our successes with our white wines, made from a strict selection of vineyards and then process the grapes in a reductive process, starting with the night harvest. It works in the absence of oxygen and low temperatures for very fresh and fruity wines, include a small production of white wine fermented in barrel to complete our range of wines.
Preparation of partially fermented grape must, looking for a younger audience, the winery has created a line of partially fermented musts white and pink. Its main characteristics are that they are easy to drink, fruity, fun and with low alcohol wines

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